stargamer.jpg Not quite sure where I stumbled upon this, but I'm really enjoying, a new niche genre site set up specifically "to cover space games" of various kinds - "partly through a shared love of games featuring space ships, but mostly because we had a few spare days with little else to do but bemoan the lack of a decent space gaming portal."

They're reporting on stuff that not many other people are spotting, either - like info on forthcoming Russian space title Tarr Chronicles: Sign of Ghosts - "a first and third-person space combat game in development that tells the story of the Battlestar Talestra (no relation to Galactica), which after guarding some scientists on a routine security patrol, seems to have found itself far from home thanks to a busted hyperdrive."

There's also wackiness describing an EVE Online mod for Homeworld 2 - someone got their RTS in my MMO! Also neat - a surprisingly well-constructed database of space games with screenshots, links, and even info on popular mods stuck in there somewhere - clearly, any site with an entry for Sinistar Unleashed is going places.