It is, after all, 'the game that wouldn't die', so it's nice to see that GameTunnel has an interview about PC monster game 'They Came From Hollywood' up, quizzing Lars and Sparky at Octopus Motor about the game that will be done... eventually! Actually, fairly soon, by the sound of it.

There's some fun stuff about inspirations, which apparently isn't so much King Of The Monsters: "TCFH is inspired more by Crush, Crumble, and Chomp, an Epyx game from 1981. And "The Creature That Ate Sheboygan" board game by Greg Costikyan. But it's a well loved theme there have been lots of monster vs. city tabletop, pen & paper, computer and arcade games."

And, of course, they have the infamous 'Godzilla stomp!' dance mat mode: "The dance pad works with the simpler gameplay mode because of the limited interface. We've modeled the command structure of the dance pad footwork to mimic the monster's actions, so it's got something of a puppet feel to it. Left Right Left Right Arrow lets you walk forward, Forward Arrow to stomp, etc. I think kids (of all ages) are going to have a smashing time with it." Dude, where's my monster suit?