robot7.jpg The folks at Gamezebo are very clued-in to the casual game space, and so we get a fascinating editorial named 'Crazy Competition in Casual Games', about the increasing site-exclusivity of many top titles.

Editor Joel Brodie explains: "It's no mystery that Mystery Case Files is no longer on RealArcade... The reason, according to undisclosed sources, is that RealArcade told Big Fish Games a day ago that they will no longer distribute any of their current or future titles... This follows a decision by RealArcade earlier this year not to distribute any titles from Oberon Games. Oberon, likewise, does not distribute any RealArcade titles on its network of distribution partners, including MSN Game Zone and Pogo."

Wow, so some widespread changes happening - but why? Brodie notes: "For the past two years, companies that were bitter competitors on the distribution side were the best of friends as developers. Relating this to the retail world, it would be as if Walmart were selling their branded laundry detergent at Target. It just would not happen."

He concludes of the casual game space: "The Era of Coopetition is over and the Era of Crazy Competition has begun." Press panic button now! Or not, haw.