tjtj.jpg Thanks to UK PR gem Alison Beasley for relaying the VITAL UKR-relevant information!: "TJ Davis to guest at Richard Jacques gig during GameCity '06." The Iain Simons-organized event is looking pretty smart as it is, but now... wow.

It's explained: "As if it weren't enough that games music legend Richard Jacques was performing exclusively at the launch festival in Nottingham - today GameCity is ecstatic to announce a very special guest star at the event. During the candle-lit recital 'SEGA: A RETROSPECTIVE' Richard will be joined by none other than fellow music legend TJ Davis, thereby forming a collective of legends." OF LEGENDS, we tell you.

"Acclaimed vocalist TJ has worked with artists as diverse as Gary Numan, D:ream and Blur - although she is most renowned in the videogames world for her work with Richard on Sonic R and Metropolis Street Racer. TJ commented, 'I'm so excited to be able to perform with Richard at GameCity. Having performed all over the world with some of the greatest artists, it's a dream come true to finally be performing my videogame work in a 14th Century Church.'"

Here's the ridiculously classic TJ-starring 'Super Sonic Racing' [.MP3] from Sonic R (ta Super Sonic Sanctuary) - good lord, and the official R.Jacques concert page says it's only 5 quid to get in, too.

So really, I'm expecting all GSW readers in Europe to turn up and then send us reports. Except you, Zorg, we've intercepted your plans and will be sending Peter Moore in a ski mask to 'deal' with you.