robot7.jpg The observant among you may have noticed that I was liveblogging the PlayStation 3 Gamer's Day over at Gamasutra earlier, and I've even just posted an opinion piece on Sony's showing there - relatively rare for me, since I prefer not to post thinkpieces unless they're actually, uhh, called for.

Anyhow, I know that you really don't care about the actual events, and want to know some really irrelevant things that happened while I was there, so let's get straight to that:

- Just before the press conference itself started, there was a call over the PA for a Lexus with the numberplate 'Factor5' to be moved by the owner, because it was blocking something and would be towed otherwise. Just because you make neat-looking PS3 dragon games like Lair, it doesn't mean you can flaunt the rules of parking, Julian Eggebrecht. Oh, how we laughed!

- The pre-conference buffet-style lunch, which was at the W Hotel in downtown San Francisco, was notable for having both normal and sugar-free Red Bull (hey, they're detail-oriented!), and some of the most expensive looking bottled water we've ever seen - it's Voss Water, and Wikipedia explains that it's "a brand of artesian water marketed towards hotels, restaurants, and clubs that cater to the upper class." And unwashed game journos!

- There was an amusing security guard on the second floor landing at the PS3 event itself (which was divided up into three separate floors at a screening-type space in SF) who seemed to think it was necessary for him to direct attendees, traffic cop style, despite the fact he was largely blocking the passageway and confusing people who thought he was telling them they couldn't go upstairs. He also accused someone serving drinks of talking to herself, which may or may not have been true.

- We're not doing impressions of games, because everyone else is. (Fl0w pictured, though!)

Oh, also, we left a bit early to go write editorials, but there is indeed a musical guest this evening. Someone said it was Ludacris. Someone else said it was Prince, but that was Chris Kohler and he was just starting a pointless but potentially self-amusing rumor. When someone finds out who it was (we're pretty sure not Jay-Z and Linkin Park, as used in the presentation), I'm sure they will update the post or otherwise go crazy. Maybe it was the landing-blocking security guard and his hair metal band?