second_life_fishing.jpgLike fishing? Like virtual world Second Life? Boy, are you in luck! No longer do you have to actually go to all of the trouble of going outside to sit by some water for hours and probably not catch anything: now you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

According to the official Second Opinion newsletter, content and game developer within Second Life Neo-Realms Entertainment has recently announced their latest effort: Neo-Realms Fishing. “We thought 'All MMPGs really need fishing,'” says designer Steven McCall, known as “Sweegy Manilow” within Second Life.

Neo-Realms have been holding fishing camps since 2004, and have used the money generated to fund their game, which features “various rod and bait types, an xp and levelling system for the rods” as well as “fishing quests, reward points redeemable for prizes, and daily multiplayer tournaments for prizes and money”.

[edited by alistairw]