nape.jpg Via PlanetQuake, we note that John Romero's blog has released the original source files to Quake's maps, due to birthday reasons!

The Rom explains: "Since it's Quake 1's tenth anniversary this year (starting June 22nd) I thought I'd dig up and release all of Quake's original map sources. For all these years the only possible way to glean any information from Quake's internal format was from BSP deconstruction programs - but those had problems with tons of brushes generated from insane BSP splits. So finally, here are the originals with the dust blown off of them, shined-up and zipped up. Have fun, mappers!"

Yay, so everyone can now hack about with the original Quake maps (previously, the source code was released, but the full game has not been). I wonder if Id knows and approves of this new map release - though obviously, you still can't play the full game with it, it's just great for modding hilarity.

Still, The Rom is as The Rom does - and as one of his many fans notes in the comments: "You're my #1 mr Romero! Please make Quake abandonware for an extra kick in the community. (Most ppl already has the original game anyway) hug from Portugal!" I want a kick in the community!