tjtj.jpg Another good article on The Escapist from Allen Varney, then - this one is about Red Vs. Blue's machinima triumphs, and the promise of the machinima scene in general, and includes a slightly awkward Cartoon Network vs. Rooster Teeth cost comparison at the start.

But from then on it's pretty much gold, with machinimartist Hugh Hancock noting of the group's significant fan base: "The impact of RvB on comedy machinima has been considerable, and on Halo machinima, huge... no one has really equaled Rooster Teeth's success. They're a medium-sized community on the web themselves, above, beyond and separate from the rest of the machinima scene."

There's a nice conclusion, too: "Often, by the time we hear of fortunes being made in a new way, it's already too late to get in. But in machinima, the barrier to entry remains absurdly low, the need for professionalism desperate. If you're funny or interesting, can voice-act well, and produce reliably over the medium term - and you don't quit - there's absolutely nothing blocking you from success."