sylp.jpg Happening to check out the excellent Game-Science for the first time in a while, I noted they have a informative review of Project Sylpheed for Xbox 360, a Japanese-only (for now?) space shooter which looks very pretty.

As Jonnyram explains: "Square Enix’s first original title on the Xbox 360 is a collaboration between Game Arts, Seta and anima inc. Game Arts originally came up with the Silpheed concept back in the 80s on 8-bit home computers in Japan, Seta joined in development since the Mega CD release, and this time anima inc. has come on board to provide further polish to the game."

Conclusions? "The overall feel of the game is very cinematic, making my original comparison to Ace Combat feel more valid. anima inc. boasts more than one hour of CG animation in the game; rather impressive for a shooter and certainly this contributes to the overall feel of the game. The constant little cutscenes really help the story to blend with the action sequences. The character design, though somewhat generic, is pleasing enough on the eye and the sum of all the parts is a rather positive production." Looking forward to someone (Squenix?) putting this out in the West.