mcpar.jpg Another completely random find on eBay - GSW has noticed a Hong Kong seller who is trying to flog 'Parappa the Rapper 2 McDonald Special Edition' for PS2 - which is actually a special fast-food themed demo disc!

There's a bit more info in an old GameSpot article: "Sony and McDonald's have teamed up to release the Happy Disc, a PlayStation 2 demo that contains one-level versions of Ape Escape 2001 and PaRappa the Rapper 2. Ape Escape is already on Japanese shelves, but PaRappa 2 isn't scheduled for release until August 30, so this is the first time we've seen the game in action."

What's more: "The demo level takes place in a McDonald's, with PaRappa and a burger-flipping ghost trading rhymes about cutting lettuce, toasting buns, and the wonderful world of condiments, among other things." The first level in the final Parappa 2 is set in 'Beard Burgers', not in Ronald's wonderful emporium, so I wonder - does this demo have McDonald's logos inserted? Is there anything else different, if so? Perhaps someone could buy it and find out. [UPDATE: A couple of people we know, including the inevitable Kohler, own this, and reckon it's just got McDonald's logos in the first stage of the game with no other lyric or other changes.]

(BONUS: A scary McDonald's Japan commercial on GoogleTube from the same era which advertises Happy Meal-style game toys, including Parappa.)