nape.jpg Casual site GameZebo continues to quietly publish some of the most entertaining editorials around, and the latest is named 'The Naked Gamer', and discusses the primal urges behind casual games.

It's explained: "Casual games appeal to those base instincts that all humans share and the stimuli to which all humans gravitate - the instinct to explore and investigate our world. There's more psychology going here than in any other form of digital entertainment. Our curiosity is stimulated by the basic game mechanic; which in the old days we used to call the kernel of gameplay. The kernel of gameplay is the very core of the game experience. The falling jewels in JewelQuest, the chain of shiny rolling spheres of Luxor."

What's more: "This basic action piques our interest and pulls us in, while color, texture, light, sound, elements of jeopardy and perceived danger, systems of rewards and patterns of recognition hold us and compel us to explore further. We're getting very basic here, but the point is that the gamer is won or lost quickly based on some fairly primitive perceptions and drives." Column author Vinny Carrella then references 'The Naked Ape' by Desmond Morris to good effect - it's relevant erudition, and always welcome!