starwars1.jpg The ever-vigilant Lum at Broken Toys has pointed to some Star Wars Galaxies-related grumpiness on the official messageboards, and it's fanboy froth all the way.

As is pointed out: "SWG Creative Director Chris Cao unloaded with both barrels on the SWG boards re: the topic of, well, the SWG boards. The money paragraph: 'Roughly 80% of the people who play SWG never read these boards. We know this from our own internal metrics and it poses an interesting question. Are we talking to people who play the game or posters who play the boards?'"

Scott further grins: "The boards predictably exploded in a fury of paradoxes, with players yelling “Hear! Hear! Don’t listen to Those Other Guys!” among the assuredly expected retorts of “I’d play your game if it wasn’t more boring than this message board.”" So what's to be done - no messageboards for tea?