tjtj.jpg I've known chiptune and video game musician Jake 'Virt' Kaufman for a while now, and have been an admirer of his soundtrack work, which spans all kinds of randomness, from the excellent Shantae for GBC through Legend Of Kay for PS2 and The OC and Lumines for mobile.

Anyhow, he's just set up a new portfolio site, and in typical insane style, has decided to do demo tracks for imaginary games - over 25 songs in total! And both the made-up game descriptions and the actual tracks are ridiculously awesome, too.

Examples: 'Project Alpha Scion - Space Shooter': "It is in 2395. You are last fighter from ADVANCE CARRIER GROUP DELTA. Your comrade have all been defeated by the sinister galaxy invaders Balagar Corp. If you strive to the rebuild society, you make you travel past many worlds and stop this evil fiend his plans! Let's make avengement!!"

Here's the Fire Level music from that imaginary game, and the level music from made-up 'cute puzzler' Glorp, and the title theme for '70s cop thriller Magnum Jenkins, and - heck, you get the idea. Go check it, darnit.