massive1.jpg On reading TomChick's paean to the newly launched Massive Magazine over at QT3, I thought I should chip in with my own impressions of the mag, which I recently got a copy of - and basically, it's wonderful.

I believe our very own Kevin Gifford has already weighed in on the quarterly publication, which is created by the people behind Computer Games Magazine, which has quite possibly the best quality writing of any U.S. video game print magazine in any case. Although Massive's quarterly schedule means it has to be a little, uhm, 'circumspect' in terms of any timely coverage, it's a great-looking mag with a good quality demo DVD in the first issue.

I also noticed, like Kevin, that the latest issue of CGM has an IGE ad on the back cover and the first issue of Massive Magazine doesn't - odd, huh? :) And I think most of the 'celebrity' editorials in Massive were really readable - particularly Brad McQuaid's and Richard Garriott's (justifying why Tabula Rasa is now 'different') - though Raph Koster's was a little meander-y for my tastes. Also, it was fun to see the WoW design team pick the worst item in the game - apparently 'Shadowstrike' ("It's often dubbed Vendorstrike, because it's sold to a vendor.")

So, overall, one of the most readable magazines around - if anyone has a chance of making a difference in the print space at this stage, it's Massive - so we wish 'em luck! It's just a shame all video game fans hang out online so much, as compared to other demographics who don't, and therefore still buy a lot more magazines (housekeeping, custom cars, etc). No way round that, unless we gank all their PCs?