startrekv.jpg GSW co-editor and Gamasutra editor FrankC is still keepin' on with Lost Levels, exploring games that never were - or at least, never were unleashed on the public, and the mysterious Doctor Zero has caught up with Star Trek V for the NES for the latest iteration.

It's revealed: "The Star Trek V game for the NES is mostly a side scrolling platformer in four parts. The third part is different from the others in that it involves piloting the Enterprise in a space-shooter style game play. Each part is relatively short, and aside from a completely obtuse way to solve opening a door in part 2, the game takes maybe a couple hours to play from start to finish - assuming you don't die repeatedly. This is the biggest problem with this game – there's just not much to it."

How about the climactic ending? "At last we come to the final stage of the game – the confrontation between God and Kirk. This stage returns to the side-scroller game play... The enemies, excitingly enough, consist entirely of rocks. Lots of rocks. Hooray. Also, the level ends in a huge climactic battle between Kirk and a poison warning label. I guess Bandai thought it made some kind of sense that God is a huge flaming skull." I was always convinced God was a huge flaming skull, myself.