zork.png Not sure that we've mentioned that the 12th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition now has all its entries available for download - well also, eToychest has a neat interview with IFComp organizer Stephen Granade.

Some good questions in here: "What do you say to the gamer who says "If I wanted to read a book, I'd read a book?” Stephen: "I'd agree with them. IF isn't a book, and it doesn't replace a book. What IF does best is let you be a part of stories that wouldn't work nearly as well as a book. What IF does is, in fancy game terms, give you agency. You drive the story forward, so you're responsible for what happens."

There are also some good beginner int.fiction recommendations: " Let's see. Emily Short has done several games that are designed to be easy for new players to pick up, including Bronze and City of Secrets. Andrew Plotkin's Dreamhold is aimed at new players, although its puzzles are very tough." And also: "As for games that aren't aimed at new players.... Photopia is beautiful, and well worth playing. For many people it's one of the highlights of their interactive fiction experience. I'd also recommend Anchorhead, a work of Lovecraftian horror. The setting is great and the story moves along at a good clip."