indix.jpg Over at, they're raving about the new Indian Xbox 360 commercial, and since we're way behind 'the times', we picked it up there and we dig it, too.

As they explain: "Several weeks ago, Microsoft launched their Xbox 360 console in India and though the price is outrageous in relation to India’s GDP, their marketing campaign is accessible to everyone, even me! Featuring Akshay Kumar and Yuvraj Singh, everything about this commercial is great."

The Playthrough-ers grin: "The cinematography is beautiful, with exaggerated colors to match the exaggerated people running, jumping and er, stretching around the “homeland”. It sure beats the Austrian and German ads, which have to be the dryest, most boring ads I’ve seen." Still, YouTube digs up some pretty bizarre German X360 stuff - oh, Microsoft, you're so cool.