startrekv.jpg This is very GSW-relevant as well, so I'm just going to paste from what me and Brandon Boyer wrote on Gamasutra:

"The organizers of the 2007 Independent Games Festival are reminding possible entrants that the final entry deadline for its second IGF Mod Competition is October 13, 2006 at 11:59pm PDT, for mod creators wanting to enter their best mods created in any game - from Thief to Half-Life 2 to Oblivion to The Sims and beyond.

Anyone who has made a major update to their mod in the last year is eligible to enter, and winners in the four initial categories: Best Singleplayer FPS Mod, Best Multiplayer FPS Mod, Best RPG Mod, and Best 'Other' Mod will all see awards of $500 each. Each will be a finalist for an overall 'Best Mod' award, which will take home a $5000 prize at the Independent Games Festival Awards next year.

Initial mod winners will be announced in January 2007, and the winners will be invited to show their games at the IGF Pavilion during Game Developers Conference, held in San Francisco in March 2007, where the final IGF Awards will be announced and the ultimate 'Best Mod' winner revealed.

The main 2007 IGF Competition has once again seen a record 141 entries vying for attention, kudos, and the $20,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize, and a high-quality turn-out is expected for this year's Mod Competition, whose winners last year included Half-Life 2 mod Dystopia, Neverwinter Nights mod Rose Of Eternity: Chapter 1, Unreal Tournament 2004 mod Path Of Vengeance, and Doom 3 mod Last Man Standing.

Those interested in learning further can visit the IGF's submission site for more guidelines and specifics about the competition." Yay.