robot7.jpg Those who know me probably realize I'm a bit of a gigantic Matthew Smith fan - in fact, the article I wrote for Gillen and Rossignol's sadly cancelled book dealt with some extremely wacky mods of both Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

Anyhow, thus I was pretty damn hyped up with TIGSource explained that there's a completely unofficial Jet Set Willy Online in development - Tim explains it's: "The only online game that I’m mildly excited about right now... [co-author] bob posted a trailer video... to whet your appetite." Absolute genius!

Bob pops up in the comments to explain more: "At the moment we’ve got 4 game types in with a few more to come. We’ve got “race to” games, where its say, first Willy in space or to The Off License. (I’m pushing for “Choirboy”, first person up The Priests Hole, but I don’t think anyone else will oblige me on that one), First to collect amount of objects, Timed games from 5 to 45 minutes and Willy Tag (my personal favourite) where one Willy starts off pink and has to taint the others with his pinkness. The survivor wins."

[Oh, and though the article I wrote for Gillen/Rossignol never came out, Tim Edwards over at PC Gamer UK saw it and asked me to do a couple of pages on my favorite JSW/MM mods, which was duly published in Issue 165 (September 2006) in the following form [PDF link] - reproduced with PCG's permission, thanks!]