gtap.jpg Some more fun stuff for 'all you can eat' subscription PC gaming/watching service GameTap that we got, in a couple of separate press releases, so here goes. Firstly: "Beginning this Thursday, October 12, episodes of the original “Sam & Max” animated series will be airing exclusively on GameTap."

This is neat (it's ahead of the October 17 debut of the Telltale Sam 'N Max game's first episode, of course): "Originally premiering in 1997 on Fox Kids, the series introduced the six foot dog and his manic rabbity-thing companion, who go about fighting crime, protecting the general public from the forces of evil and causing general mayhem with their unique brand of humor, to national TV audiences. Each week, GameTap will be adding an episode of this timeless cartoon series to GameTap TV, making it “must-stream” broadband TV alongside the more than 400 pieces of original programming currently available as part of the monthly subscription."

Alsooo, this week seems to be RTS/strategy week on GameTap itself, and some pretty neat games have been added, including: "Command & Conquer... Command & Conquer Red Alert.. Age of Sail II: Privateer's Bounty... Sid Meier's Gettysburg!... The Settlers III... Nam - 1975." Well, OK, that last one isn't very strategy-like, but it is a very early Neo Geo title that you can play multiplayer over GameTap, so have at it.