have recently put together what they’re describing as “the first gaming-oriented sitcom ever”, Played Out. It’s the story of “two eligible bachelors” and “three snarky game consoles”, Two, Cube, and Jeff, the Xbox360 all living in an apartment. The catch? Come this November, either Two or Cube is going to be replaced by a newer model.

“We imagined what would happen if the current generation consoles had an opportunity to fight back before they are cast into retirement,” says co-writer, co-creator and co-lead Brian Stone. “Personifying the game systems as living things with feelings and personality quirks will also give us the opportunity to satirize the game industry a little while we deliver a little information.”

The first episode is probably the most successful of the two up at the moment – the second gets a bit preachy regarding the various pros and cons of the PS3 and Wii, and nods towards the corporate masters at GamePro just a little too often for comfort.

Arguably, even that isn’t as annoying as’s video player, but if you can get past that, it’s an interesting watch, if not quite as funny as it wants to be.

[edited by alistairw]