gw10.jpg You know, trawling eBay continues to throw up some pretty amazing stuff, and here's the latest -a mint box of 10 Donkey Kong Game & Watches from 1983, pristine and untouched for almost 25 years - and currently going for about $1,500.

This is pretty scary: "I am offering for sale the Holy Grail if you will of my collection. 10 DONKEY KONG Jr. with serial - numbers matching and still in manufacture box. I bought this box complete in 1983 and have stored it in a sealed foot locker ever since. No moisture, excessive heat or even worse human hands have touched these games in 23 years. I actually almost forgot about this sealed box."

What's more: "I am obsessive about matching serial numbers and made sure any multiples of games were bought in order from Nintendo and not one by one at some Gaming Shop. These 10 Donkey Kong Jr. games are serial numbers 21828697 through 21828706."

While we're on completist and Nintendo (though I think this a bit less exciting), there's a big compilation of rare GBAs for UKP1500, including Donkey Kong, Pikachu, and various other limited editions, and inexplicably coming with a free copy of SNES Super International Cricket. Is that the Holy Grail, or just a lame add-on?