Well, we reported on them a few weeks back, but the ever-smart Stephen Totilo at MTV News has written up a proper story on the 'Day in the Life of Video Games' game store bloggers.

Some fun insight in there: "These days, the games people ask about the most are "Grand Theft Auto" and "Bully." And people talk next-gen systems. Sorry, Nintendo fans, but that doesn't mean the Wii. "A lot of what we get is, 'What's going to be better: 360 or PS3?' " Whitman said. He punts the question when people ask."

Also: "At least Post and Whitman are aware of the ratings. "A lot of parents actually don't even see them," Whitman said. "They just bring the game up and ask what's in the game." As most gamers know, descriptions of a game's content appear on the back of the box of every game. Post said he's had parents express surprise to him that M-rated games such as "50 Cent Bulletproof" and "25 to Life" include foul language. "They're just surprised that they'll allow language like that in the game.""