gdcee.jpg Over at The Hollywood Reporter, the most excellent Paul Hyman has written a feature on the future of the Game Developers Conference - which, yes, is owned by the CMP Game Group, which also runs this site, but we have minds of our own, etc.

Anyhow, Dave Perry, who's on the GDC Advisory Board, has some interesting views on why E3 went bye-bye: "E3 had become a jack of all trades and a master of none," observes GDC's Perry. "The show had been very, very good as a promotional thing because it was the one show where you'd have every magazine in the world attend. But then the exhibitors started filtering out the blog writers and the smaller Web sites and fan sites. Only pre-approved people with appointments got to see, say, 'King Kong,' in a little theater in the back. And you only got to see the Wii controller if you stood on line for three hours. So the promotional aspect of the show sort of died."

I'm also quoted in there talking about the IGF, which I'm not objective about because it's my baby, but hey. Also, there's this: "Still, observes Dan Hsu, editor-in-chief of "Electronic Gaming Monthly," whether GDC will be able to resist becoming another E3 remains to be seen. "The trick will be for the organizers to keep it as low-key and quiet a conference as it's been in the past."" Well, it's sorta a low-key frenzied, actually, but I think those people who sit over the other side of the office can get it right and keep GDC the right side of mahhvellous. We'll see, huh?