ftyc.jpg There aren't many interviews with game developers that talk honestly about developer downsizing, but GameZebo's 'Hook, Line and Sinking: How Fish Tycoon Became a One Man Show' is one of these very articles.

It's explained: "Much like the hero of their smash game [Fish Tycoon], Last Day of Work's CEO and lead designer Arthur Humphrey soon found himself with too many mouths to feed and not enough to show for it. The result was a mass downsizing of the operation, and a future casual gaming smash placed squarely on one man's shoulders."

So what's for the future? "A sequel to the game is inevitable, Humphrey has already started to consider new features like additional fish customization and how to implement more of a community aspect into further iterations. LDW has begun to grow again too as they've released more titles, but they're more cautious, more business savvy than before."