So, we ran a Q&A with Running With Scissors' Vince Desi over on sister site Gamasutra, and when we asked him about Uwe Boll's 'Postal' movie, he revealed: "I just got back from Vancouver, I was on set for 2 weeks. I was most happy to see that the cast and crew were highly motivated."

You may have seen some pictures from the movie set posted on the marvellous recently, including images of Zack Ward (Scut Farkus from 'A Christmas Story') as the self-same Postal 'hero' - it may be that the movie is a bit of a loose adaptation of the game, we're guessing.

Well, Desi also sent us pics from what appears to be his guest appearance in the film, in which he plays, uhm, a gigantic penis mascot called 'Krotchy' (tagline - 'Only my father and my priest can touch me there'), and wrestles the director himself, Uwe Boll, who is making a cameo in his own movie! [We just called Desi to confirm this, and he seemed very happy about it!]

I fail to see how this can get any sillier, so here's the pics to prove it.

Zack 'Scut Farkus' Ward and Postal creator Vince Desi

The delightfully civilized tag line for Krotchy, Desi's character in the flick.

Aand... here's the costume.

Vince, minus the head, getting ready to party hard..

Finally, Desi laying the smackdown on Boll in his Krotchy suit.