londongames.jpg Well, astute GSW readers may have noticed that, though a lot of posts this week have been 'made' by me, it's actually AlistairW who has been filling in with the text and witticisms, after I shoved him a bunch of links to put up.

This is because we've been covering the London Games Festival out here for Gamasutra - and it's my home town, too - and it's been pretty insanely busy. But there's a full round-up of our coverage over at Gama, including plenty of neat game biz-related info.

Some of the most interesting lectures? Probably LucasArts' Chris Williams showing off 'Jar-Jar In Carbonite', alongside some very neat tech demos, as well as a relatively penitent Peter Molyneux discussing tips for indie developers in light of the Lionhead experience. Anyhow, go check it out, and we should be back to 'normal' soon, yay.