edoccsi.jpg Over at the ever-smart ARGN.com, they have news of a surprising appearance for an alternate reality title in a prime-time TV show, hah.

The site explains: "Not content with spreading its artistic, mysterious, cottony fingers across your chest to spread its message, EDOC Laundry's coded T-shirts are taking a starring role on CBS's CSI:NY on Wednesday, October 11." How so? "EDOC Laundry captured the attention of co-creator and executive producer, Anthony E. Zuiker, who found the concept of clues to a murder mystery captured in the everyday clothing item of a t-shirt a compelling idea. He worked to script an episode of CSI:NY, "Hung Out to Dry," using the EDOC Laundry theme, collaborating with the fashion line's designers to create 4 new t-shirts to incorporate into the mythological murder mystery."

Sounds like a blast: "Watch raptly as Gary Sinise and the other cast members stare inexplicably at the trippy t-shirts left on the victims by a rabid serial murderer who spent entirely too much time with Edith Hamilton's Mythology and his sister's Barbie dolls as a child." Oh, and also on ARGN, there's also a nice write-up of Cathy's Book, a pretty neat ARG-related teen novel.