- Over at SiliconEra, the normally import-friendly site has returned a little closer to home, and has been quizzing Introversion's Chris Delay on the recent debut of 'everybody dies' simulator Defcon.

Delay takes pains to point out the way the title abstract things somewhat shockingly: "Quite a few gamers have commented on the way DEFCON is almost brutal in its bare, understated reporting of the facts behind global warfare. You launch a nuke, it decimates your opponent’s city and all you see is a small pop-up indicating the number of dead in one full sweep. You are entirely removed from the horrific reality of the situation and this is probably not far off from the real-life detachment of nuclear warfare."

He also notes what the company is working on next: "What we now call "The Fourth Game" was actually the game I was developing immediately after Uplink’s launch, and it was being developed side by side with Darwinia at one point. It was then put on hold while Darwinia was finished and released, and it has remained on hold while this little wargame "DEFCON" was finished." Apparently "...cunning observers of Introversion’s past would probably be able to infer roughly what we plan for the fourth game" - but we're not that clever. Anyone?