darkwa.jpg Oh my, this is well worth repeating: "High Moon Studios, part of Sierra Entertainment, today announced an upcoming line of high quality costumes based on the hit Vampire-Western video game, Darkwatch."

Lucky us! "Designed and manufactured by California Costume Collections, Inc., the costume line features clothing and accessories recreating the horror themed Western era wardrobe worn by the game’s half-vampire gunslinger hero, Jericho Cross. Darkwatch is the first video game property licensed by California Costume Collections, a maker and distributor of high-end costumes and wardrobe accessories. Darkwatch costumes and accessories are available in adult and child sizes at major party retailers including Party City and Spencer Gifts." Here's a link to the costume in question, heh.

So says the press release (here's an online mirror): “Darkwatch is an original property with a rich universe that, as we have seen, instantly resonates with pop culture savants,” said Chris Ulm, chief design officer, High Moon Studios. “We love the fact that we can now let fans of the game reconnect with that universe by becoming Jericho Cross, as well as introduce a new audience to the unique look and feel that set it apart as a video game property. In a sense, everybody should feel good about the prospect of having thousands of Darkwatch agents roaming the streets on Halloween night.” Do people really care THAT much about Darkwatch? Sorry to ask it, High Moon, I like you!