gsg.jpg Well, I finally got around to rearranging the GameSetWatch columns on the sidebar, since quite a few of them have either gone or hiatus, come to an end, or started up again - but all for good, fuzzy, not litigation-related reasons!

For example, Mathew Kumar has stopped wandering around Second Life, for his own sanity of mind - though he may do another column for us sometime. In addition, RedWolf finished up his game ads column, and DannyC has basically put Bastards Of 32-Bit on hiatus while he does a little more work for us on Gamasutra.

We've phased in a few new neat columns, though - including Matt Hawkins' excellent 'Cinema Pixeldiso', on video game-related movies, and Andrew Smale has started 'Keyboard Bashing' to look at classic PC games, which is neeto. In addition, Jason McMaster's 'The Gentleman Nerd' boardgaming column continues apace, as does John Harris' @Play Rogue-like column, and I think we have at least one other column starting soon to run alongside our other regulars (teh Weasel, teh Zenke, teh boys!)

Anyhow, if you'd like to take a hack at writing a GameSetWatch column, then just contact us - we'd like columns on the subject of pretty much anything (even the stuff people just stopped doing!) Also, anyone who's a cartoonist and writes about funny game stuff should also pop their head up, since the lovely Persona is unfortunately stopping doing his thing with us next week, AW. We miss him already.

Cosmic remuneration for any column will be in the form of loving glances and occasional hand holding, because as I've mentioned before, this is more editor blog than commercial enterprise, thanks to our lack of OMG360 posts and resultant mounds of cash. But hey, it's fun, right?