- We note with chagrin that, over at The New Gamer, the final instalment of 'Chi-Style Drunksaling' for 2006 has been posted, showcasing Chicago garage/thrift gamehunting fun.

Of course, half the fun of the column is the ridiculous non-game stuff they dig up, but hey, this time: "At least this weekend bore some fruit: a not-unwelcome non-Greatest Hits copy of Final Fantasy Tactics, and I can now explore the delights of the cockroach world with Bad Mojo. Not pictured was a cheap copy of Deus Ex 1 that I found at the last second. Unlike last year, this copy actually contained the proper discs."

And, at the end, they explain: "And that appears to be the end of the 2006 'drunksaling' season. Several days following snapping these photos Chicago had its first snowfall, which usually marks the period when folks are unwilling to sit outside for hours and let strangers paw through their goods... If by any chance you missed one of our outings, feel free to trawl through the back-issues in the drunksaling archives!" Please do!