tjtj.jpg Well, we covered September's edition a few weeks back, but someone clued us in to the fact that we haven't mentioned GameTunnel's October 2006 Indie Game Round-Up yet - so now we are!

As is mentioned: "This month's article looks at eleven indie titles including the much anticipated Defcon, the insane adventure game Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso and the perfectly retro Pizza Panic." Most intriguing, perhaps, is that Defcon doesn't snatch game of the month, with Russ Carroll interesting claiming that it's "an interesting game that looks a lot slicker than it plays."

Thus, it's left to Mr. Smoozles, which we covered a couple of months back, to take the overall top prize from the GameTunnel panelists, and apparently the gameplay on the overhead adventure game from BAFTA-winning game writer Steve Ince includes "...watching a cat running around with a gun trying to kill you as you try to keep the fabric of reality from being completely distorted." In which case, I'm in.