aswimm.jpg Our mates at have spotted a felicitous thing - Turner's Adult Swim division (previous sponsors of the IGF, even!) have announced they're seeking indie game pitches, with a few to having an Adult Swim indie game nexus that isn't just show spinoffs.

The site explains: "Adult Swim will be a home for independent games. We know that there are talented artists and programmers looking for someone to pay them to do what they do best: make fun games. We’re open to pitches for any game you want to show us, but we’re looking for a unique tone and good game play. We’re not here to dictate that tone, but we’ll know if it’s not there."

They continue: "Take chances with atmosphere and character; try new things with interface and game play. We want weird, funny, fast-paced, stupid, thought-provoking, twitchy, epic, ironic or violent — whatever you can think up. The only pitches we don’t want are kiddy and unoriginal. We also do not want show-based pitches. The more unusual the better." What with this and GameTap and stuff like the Cartoon Network MMO, Turner are just kicking all kinds of cool game ass recently.