quantumrpg.jpg It's worth pointing out the uber-feature at sister site Gamasutra, in the form of the Gamasutra Quantum Leap Awards for RPGs - always controversial, but hey, it's just voted by our readers - and we like 'em!

It's explained: "In September 2006, the editors of Gamasutra asked its readership of game industry professionals to chime in and vote for which game in the role-playing genre "brought the genre forward" in the biggest way - whether it be an early game that helped define the RPG, or a more recent one which took those core ideas and developed a more rewarding experience than before."

As for the Top 5 - we couldn't possibly tell you, go check it out yourself. But there's been much discussion, not least on Slashdot Games, regarding the results, though my favorite Slashdot reply queries the entire name of the series: "Am I the only one that can't stand it when people use "quantum" to mean big when in fact it implies discrete (since it refers to indivisible things)?" Almost certainly.