Kinda GSW columnist RyanS seems to have posted a new music video by Xiu Xiu to, and the vid in question, 'Boy Soprano', is, as he says, "very 16 bit indeed".

You may not know Xiu Xiu, but the handy Wikipedia explanation does: "Xiu Xiu (pronounced "shoo-shoo") is an experimental indie band originally from and currently based in San Jose, California, with time often spent in Seattle, Washington. The band is the sonic brainchild of singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart, who tours and records with his one and only current bandmate, and cousin, Caralee McElroy."

Oh, hey, and there's a Spin article about the vid, too: "Based on the epic journeys of the Mario Bros. and Zelda, California eclectic indie rockers Xiu Xiu have enlisted a world class video game designer to craft the clip for "Boy Soprano" off their forthcoming album, The Air Force." Rawk.