We've covered the insane and obscure Japanese 3DO games by Kenji Eno's Warp a bunch of times before, thanks to 3DOKid unearthing them - now he's discovered 'Old Man Hunter: Mahjong', which is similarly crazed.

3DOKid explains: "How about today's conceptual mental circus, where even having played it, I can't quite see what any member of the Warp team was thinking. Well perhaps other than: "Hee Hee, I wonder if we can get away with this?"... A Super Hero, who is called Old Man Hunter, flies about saving young short-skirted traditional Anime styled Japanese school girls from dirty old men by playing and hopefully beating them at Mahjong."

Of course, the game's morals are pretty ambiguous: "Was Warp showing its disgust and perhaps showing its solidarity with the girls? Was Warp trying to attract the female Japanese gamer? Or just perhaps drawing attention to the problem? What were they thinking and why do it like this? Yet the girls depicted in the game could well be accused by some as being the root of the actual problem. The skirts. The flashes of knickers. The long legs. Like I said, curved ball." Weirdness abounds.