Ugh, that's really an unnecessary and tragic Train reference. In any case, over at co-worker Brandon's site Inert Credit (haha!), GSW columnist M. Kumar (recently to be seen wandering around Second Life looking confused!) has posted an in-depth article on his trip to Virginia to check out a bunch of simulation studios.

Kumar is, well, pretty funny: "In Washington Dulles I am greeted by a stony-faced gentleman, in my memories played by James Coburn, one of the members of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. As we zoom along freeways, a decoration I’ll become accustomed to while in Virginia, he acquaints himself with me and the fact I’m a videogame journalist, a status that I still imagine is liable to get me chucked off the tour and somehow arrested for traveling under false pretences."

Well, he doesn't, and we actually learn some neat stuff about how Under The Knife for DS compares to an incredibly expensive 'serious game' that was designed for surgery training. You can tell this is New Games Journalism because it has footnotes (kidding, kidding!), but let's go along for the ride anyhow, huh?