Perhaps this isn't quite a _video game_, but it certainly looks the part - the Athanasius Kircher Society website (!) have details on Morton Heilig's 'Sensorama' device, patented in 1962.

The Kircher website cites a study which explains that Sensorama was " immersive 3-D virtual reality motorbike ride, in a form factor resembling an arcade game. Heilig saw Sensorama as the future of cinema, an immersive experience, complete with nine different fans to simulate the wind blowing on the user’s face, vibrating seat (to simulate driving over cobblestones), and the aromas of jasmine and hibiscus as the driver passed a flower garden, or the smell of baking pizza as one passed by an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn."

The pictured Sensorama machine clearly has motorbike controls, though I'm not sure if they were interactive - reminds a little of a Power Drift machine! Also noted: "In addition to the motorcycle film, Heilig created several other works for the Sensorama including, “Belly Dancer,” “Dune Buggy,” “Helicopter,” “A Date with Sabina,” and the provocatively titled, “I’m a Coca Cola Bottle." C'mon, world, you already gave us Pepsi Man, aren't you just being cruel now?