Those with a medium-term memory (not many?) may recall that we gave away a VGPocket handheld a few weeks back - well, now we notice the company has partnered with Taito and G-Mode for new handhelds, a rather fun prospect.

The new handheld is called the 'Caplet', apparently "because it comes with the recommendation to “use daily as needed.”" (ugh, kill me now!), but it "comes loaded with 35 fun 16-bit arcade game favorites, including Space Invaders and Bust-A-Move from Taito, and Burger Time from G-mode, among many more", for a recommended retail price of $39.99. (Oh, and G-Mode is the holder of the Data East back catalog, for those looking confused.)

However, the official VGPocket site reveals that, rather than being packed with a bunch of classic Taito titles like we'd hoped, it's literally only those 3 licensed titles appearing on the machine, alongside a bunch of more generic titles - unless 'Craig The Caterpillar' is a lost Data East classic we're not aware of. Oh, and 'Bubble Blaster' looks suspiciously like another title that PopCap should consider suing over just before Mitchell sues them - or something. But hey - all's fair in retro game repackaging and war. And it's got Sudoku.