Thanks to Tim 'Walaber' Fitzrandolph for mailing us about his most interesting new PC title: "I have created a game called "Walaber's Trampoline", which is a 3D trampoline simulation game, where the player controls an athlete jumping on a trampoline, performing gymnastics maneuvers."

He claims, somewhat loopily: "The game has a "Tony Hawk" vibe to it, which I think is obvious in the official game trailer hosted on YouTube", also noting: "The game features realistic trampoline and crash physics, and multiple game modes that give it a polish and depth beyond many freeware sports games."

The game uses the Newton Game Dynamics system for physics, and the official description sketches out: "Utilizing an unique control scheme using only 7 buttons, players can perform almost every move possible on the trampoline- including multiple flips and twists in different positions." It's actually a pretty cool alt.gaming idea, and we look forward to experimenting with it - if we were less politically correct, we'd suggest a Man Show license might be in order.