So, you may find that GameSetWatch updates are a little slower than normal, because even as you read this, I'm off to Tokyo with my wife for a little rest and relaxation (possibly to include visiting Disney parks and Sega Joypolis, as well as actually seeing some more traditional sights, then wandering off to Osaka/Kyoto) before and after Tokyo Game Show (which I'm covering for Game Developer and Gamasutra, of course) starts next week.

Fear not, though, because I've posted GSW weirdness a couple of days in advance, and will keep things going through the pre and post-TGS period with links to our Gamasutra posts on the state of Japanese game development, any Flickr photos which have geeky game-related stuff in them, and any other posts on the blogosphere which catch our attention. And our regular columnists will still be around to 'entertain' you, yay. Have happy fun!