Another great scan-related post over at Vintage Computer, and this one looks at Tiger's obscure R-Zone LCD gaming system, which I don't even recall.

RedWolf explains this insanity: "Way back in the land before time (1995), when a little ole company you might have heard of called “Nintendo” was tinkering with its worst gaming experiment ever (Virtual Boy), another company called Tiger Electronics (famous for its handheld LCD games, if you’ll recall), tried to capitalize on the hoopla surrounding Nintendo’s red-headed stepchild."

He continues: "Tiger’s answer was the R-Zone, a LCD-based gaming system that used red-tinted game cartridges and projected them onto a HUD mirror strapped over the player’s pimply forehead (see picture). An extremely uncomfortable-to-hold detached controller held the batteries, and the player plugged the cartridge — each containing its own LCD screen — into the headset. It worked very poorly, as you might imagine; but what more could you expect for $30 (US) MSRP?"