Oop, it's getting late here in Tokyo, but I just filed my first report for Gamasutra since I got here, named 'Special: The State Of Japanese Game Retail', and concerning, uhh, just that.

As I explain in the intro: "There have been plenty of articles in the past pontificating on the Japanese game market. But very few seem to have taken things down to a granular practical level, by simply analyzing what is stocked on Japanese video game store shelves, and how it differs to what we see in North America." I then try to compare the two markets, talking about Ratchet's extra Japanese eyebrows, and generally attempt to make sense. Please to enjoy!

[Meanwhile, Chris Kohler is gallivanting around Akihabara, stalking genius Taiko No Tatsujin players and taking videos of them. Why does this not surprise me?]