Thanks to the keen eyes of Atari Age, we've spotted that the latest issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly is online, and #28 is another (albeit badly designed!) corker.

The most fun is to be had analyzing various home versions of Kaboom!, of which it's explained: "Based on Dennis Kolbe’s Atari arcade game “Avalanche”, Activision’s Larry Kaplan struck gold with Kaboom! Adapting the same game principles to the best of the 2600’s capabilities with a cartoonish mad bomber running back and forth across the top of the screen dropping bombs."

We can practically feel Alan Hewston's pain in his review of the Atari 5200 version, too: "My first reaction was I could not find a way to control this version. Kaboom! has possibly the fastest action, demands a good degree of precision and probably requires more focus to play than any other video game ever. You simply must have a great paddle controller. There is only a joystick option and no paddle option." Ouuuch.