hspace= Edge Online has done the good thing and has reprinted an interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi from the most recent issue of Edge Magazine, and it's got some fun stuff in it.

One of the neatest answers is comparing games and music: "Videogames are very much a firstperson experience. You are alone, facing the screen. But music has the advantage of being able to offer a firstperson experience when playing it and a thirdperson experience when you listen to it. A DJ, for instance, handles both these aspects of the music experience."

He continues: "When I started to make games using music, I had to play with these two aspects, so I used the music in the background in a thirdperson experience, but the game play itself could be compared to a DJ in action. Making music by pressing a button is an experience very close to a firstperson gaming experience." Lots more goodness within.