The folks at Vintage Computing have posted their latest 'Hacksterpiece Theater', "a regular column devoted to fun, odd, and interesting retro game hacks", and this one is devoted to the 'Super Metroid Redesign' hack for the SNES.

As he explains: "Super Metroid Redesign is exactly as its title says: a complete redesign of Super Metroid. It has a completely new world map, some new items, physics changes, and a few other new features." Looks like hacker Drewseph has gone to a lot of trouble to make a new version of the awesome SNES title - fun.

The best bit is probably Drewseph bothering to justify his changes in terms of series canon: "Something that always bothered me has been the horribly slow falling speed in this game. Every time I jumped I felt like I was wasting time waiting to land on the ground. My reason for changing it is backed up by a Pirate data in Metroid Prime that states Zebes total mass nearly equivalent to Tallon VI." Oh, well that's OK then!