Over at PressTheButtons, MattG has spotted an expose of Street Fighter PC conversions, and has also heroically linked to it, hurrah.

PTB notes: "Yes, Capcom's famous fighting game has been ported to just about every kind of home console. However, back when Fighter fever was enrapturing the world, Capcom licensed the game out to PC developers to create home versions for computers. Scary Crayon takes a look back at these versions as well as the various pirated variations of the game."

Sounds like Hotel Keitel's SFIBM is the bootleg winner: "Have you ever wished that, instead of hurling mere spinning energy waves at his opponents, Guile threw clones of himself? How about wishing that Ryu's regular dragon punch were replaced by a modified version that entailed him doing the move twice -- the second time while already in the air -- and then coming back down with an inverted attack? Or that Ken's fireballs zigzagged or that Chun-Li could hop forward while doing the lightning kick or that Blanka could spit little yellow birds that electrify his opponents on impact?" Uhh... yep!