Yay! Through a series of coincidences and the reading of Fort90's blog, we noticed that GSW columnist DannyC, aka Sardius, has posted the videos from terrible PS2 dance title Stepping Selection on his LiveJournal - well, he's posted the _links_ there, the videos are on YouTube, but you know how it goes.

Sardius notes: "My favorites are Ghostbusters, My Sharona, and Surfin' USA. Also Footloose, because it totally sounds like he's saying COME ON BEFORE WE CRAP" - but really, they're all awesome." I agree - Surfin' USA is a hoot for starters.

If you need to start with one, though, then try 'Ghostbusters', which comes complete with odious small children dancing around pointlessly with cartoon ghosts - and is actually one of the more professionally produced of all the videos, disturbingly enough - here's more info on Stepping Selection, which was a very early Jaleco-published Japan-only PS2 release.