Sound the alarm - Kieron Gillen has returned with another in his 'State Of Indepedence' indie game series for Eurogamer, and you may recognize a number of the excellent indie titles he is passing on to the European populace, yay.

Firstly, there's Dwarf Fortress, on which we have mused, and on which he notes: "It'll reward you not just by challenges, but by some of the strangest anecdotes you'll ever hear. I still can't believe the forum post I read about the psychotic, incredibly-skilled leather-crafting dwarf who killed one of his peers after a particularly dark mood took him. Two days later a pair of dwarf-skin boots shows up in the storeroom..."

Also hanging out in there is the Pickford Bros' v.neat play-by-email strategy title Naked War - and I apologize to them that I didn't have time to take them up on a game, but as you can see from the semi-insane testimonials, the game is _big_ among naked Scottish people and odd English types, Plus, given how much I used to adore Zub when I was 11, they can do no wrong in my eyes.